NIH Roadmap Membrane Protein Production and Technologies Meeting



DAY1: Thursday, March 26th 2009

7:15-8:00         Arrival & Breakfast, On-site check-in and poster set-up

Welcome and Introduction
8:00-8:15             Robert Stroud, UCSF & Peter Preusch, Jean Chin, NIH Roadmap Program

Enhanced Expression
8:15-8:40             James Bowie, UCLA

"Improving Membrane Protein Expression"

8:40-9:05             Franklin A. Hays, UCSF

"Genomic Screen for Tractable Targets in S. cerevisiae"

9:05-9:30             Jan Willem de Gier, Stockholm University

"Green Light for Membrane Proteins"

9:30-9:45             James Samuelson, New England Biolabs

"Rational Design of a Fusion Partner for Membrane Protein Over-Expression in E. coli"

9:45-10:15        BREAK AND POSTER SESSION

10:15-10:40       John Hunt, Columbia University, Dept. Biological Sciences

"Biophysical Studies of ABC Transporter Mechanism"

10:40-11:05       James Love, NYCOMPS is based at the New York Structural Biology Center

"The New York Consortium on Membrane Protein Structure"

11:05-11:30       Dan Minor, UCSF

"Extreme-green: Development of a GFP screen for identification of well-expressed membrane proteins from a cohort of extremophiles"

11:30-12:00       Ray Stevens, The Scripps Research Institute

"Joint Center for Innovative Membrane Protein Technologies (JCIMPT)"

12:00-12:50       LUNCH

Stability of Membrane Proteins
12:50-1:15         Philip Laible, Argonne National Laboratory

"New Tripod Amphiphiles for Membrane Protein Solubilizaion and Stabilization"

1:15-1:40           Stanley Opella, University of California, San Diego

"Structure Determination of Membrane Proteins Using REDCRAFT Software"

1:40-1:55           Toni Kudlicki, Invitrogen

"Novel Platforms for the expression of membrane proteins"

1:55-2:20           Ben Spiller, Vanderbilt University Medical School

"Efforts to Stabilize a Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel"

2:20-2:50         BREAK AND POSTER SESSION

Crystallization to Structure of Membrane Proteins
2:50-3:15           So Iwata, Imperial College of London, Division of Molecular Biosciences

"Systematic Studies on Membrane Transporter Crystallization"

3:15-3:40           Kurt Wuthrich, The Scripps Research Institute

"Microscale NMR Characterization of Membrane Proteins Reconstituted in Mixed Micelles with Detergents"

3:40-4:05           Vadim Cherezov, The Scripps Research Institute

"Extending Utility of Lipidic Cubic Phase Towards Structural and Functional Studies of Membrane Proteins"

4:05-4:30           Quinghai Zhang, The Scripps Research Institute

"Developing Chemical Reagents for Membrane Protein Structural Biology"

4:30-5:00         BREAK AND POSTER SESSION        

5:00-5:25            Rustem Ismagilov, University of Chicago

"Membrane Protein Crystallization in a Plug-Based Microfluidic System"

5:25-5:50            Martin Caffrey, University of Limerick, Ireland

"On the Mechanism of membrane Protein Crystallizationin Lipidic Mesophases"

5:50-6:15            Paul Kenis, University of Illinois at Urbana

"In-Meso MP Crystallization on a Chip; Towards in Situ X-Ray Analysis"

6:15-6:30            Jiang Huang , GN Biosystems

"Microfluidic Dialysis Protein Crystallization"

6:30-9:30         RECEPTION, DINNER, Posters & Social

Dinner Speaker: H. Ron Kaback, UCLA "The Old Man and the Membrane"


DAY 2: Friday, March 27th 2009
8:15-8:30         Arrival & Breakfast

Structural Characterization
8:30-8:55             David Stokes, New York University

"Strategies for 2D Crystallization for cryoEM"                       

8:55-9:20             Da Neng Wang, NYU School of Medicine Skirball Institute

"What we have learned from LeuT on antidepressant specificity"

9:20-9:45             Francesca Marassi, Burnham Institute for Medical Research, University of San Diego

"NMR of Membrane Proteins in Membranes"

9:45-10:10        BREAK AND POSTER SESSION

Membranes and Insertion
10:10-10:35         Steven White, University of California, Irvine

"Through the Translocon Darkly"

10:35-11:00         Chad Rienstra, University of Illinois

"Protein Structure Determination by Magic-Angle Spinning NMR"

11:00-11:15         Michael Wiener, University of Virginia

"Development of a Pre-Crystallization Screening Tool for the Assay of Membrane Protein Stability and Size"

11:15-11:30         Tina Iverson, Vanderbilt University

"Methods in OMP crystallization and the structure of PorB"


Functional Characterization
12:30-12:55         Ernest Wright, UCLA

"Structure and Function of Sodium/Sugar Symporters"

12:55-1:20           Roger Sunahara, University of Michigan Medical School

"Allosteric Regulation of Ligand Binding to Monomeric GPCRs by G proteins"

1:20-1:45             Charles Sanders , Vanderbilt University

"Application of Solution NMR to GPCRs and Other Problems of Membrane Protein Structural Biology"


2:15-2:40             Larry J.W. Miercke, UCSF

"Lessons from the Quest for Quality Protein (and Crystals)"

2:40-2:55             Peter Nollert, DeCODE BioStructures

"The Effects of Impurities of membrane protein crystallization"

2:55-3:20             Gerhard Wagner, Harvard Medical School

"Structure and Interactions of Human VDAC-1"

3:30-3:45             Geoffrey Chang, The Scripps Research Institute

3:30-3:45             Homay Valafar, University of South Carolina

"Structure Determination of Membrane Proteins from Orientational Constraints"