NEW: 19/01/2009

In order to help justify the payment of vendors and industry participants registration fee, we would like to offer you the opportunity to have your companies logo displayed on the corporate sponsors page of our meeting program book. We will also reserve space in our program book for a full page, full color advertisement from your company. In addition, we will display all of the corporate logos on screen during intermissions and at the beginning and end of each day’s sessions. We hope that this will help provide your company with enhanced visibility in the world of membrane protein and structural biology research and foster increased business and collaboration with our other participants.

Letter from the Organizer

The NIH Roadmap Initiative was created to focus on critically important and challenging areas of biomedical importance that were not being adequately addressed, due in part to a lack of non-hypothesis driven funding and a lack of suitable methods and new technologies.  Since membrane proteins play such a critical role in so many cellular and physiological processes and membrane proteins are so difficult to express, solublize and purify, the production of membrane proteins was identified as a serious roadblock for U.S. science.  Thus, membrane protein methods and technology development was selected as one of two areas for the NIH to focus on over the past five year period, and for the next five year period too. I think we are really beginning to see the huge impact that this NIH initiative has already enabled. The NIH Roadmap program has funded two larger centers focused in this area and supports over 36 groups focused on production of membrane proteins and their structure determination. 

Next Spring, March 26 and 27, 2009, UCSF-MPEC, one of the two NIH Roadmap program centers, will host a two-day workshop symposium focused on the most innovative and recent developments in technology for production of membrane proteins and for the structural biology of membrane proteins. It builds on the first very successful ‘Roadmap to High Resolution Membrane Protein Structures’ meeting held at The Scripps Research Institute in November 2007. There are many exciting new developments and new membrane protein structures in this burgeoning field, including at least four human membrane proteins and complexes. Thus this meeting promises to be the main forum in the world for membrane protein expression and structure at this time.

The symposium will take place in the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center at 1675 Owens Street, San Francisco.  The program will begin with breakfast on Thursday and end on Friday late afternoon. A reception and dinner will be held at the center on Thursday evening, which will provide additional time for visiting the tables and posters and for interaction with your organization.

The program will include the latest from academic investigators, program projects and two centers that are funded by the NIH Roadmap Initiative and other Centers oriented toward purification and structure determination of membrane proteins. Since we seek to create an interactive setting focused on membrane protein production and structure determination at high resolution for this meeting, we have invited several external distinguished speakers, including Hartmut Michel and Gunnar von Heijne from Europe to present. Other individuals and organizations focused on technologies that can facilitate membrane protein structural biology will also be able to participate and present at the meeting. 

Since funding for a meeting like this cannot be accomplished solely with government research dollars, we are asking for a commercial registration of $2,500 for each invited participant. An additional $2,500 presentation area fee is required if you wish to have space for a display in the interactive area outside the auditorium.  As mentioned, we only have a relatively small number of invitation slots available, but I wanted to make sure that you had the first chance to participate in this meeting.

I hope that you are interested in attending this meeting, it would be wonderful to see you there and have you participate.  Our only request beside the registration fee is that you actively participate in the meeting and share your insights regarding membrane protein structural biology.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Robert M. Stroud
Host and Organizer
NIH Roadmap Membrane Protein Production and Technology Meeting, 2009